Advanced SystemCare is a không tính tiền, simplesystem optimizerthat fixes the most comtháng computer problems, such as Registry broken keys, hijacked settings, a fragmented hard drive sầu or junk files taking too much space. Advanced SystemCare also includes security tools that can detect và remove sầu spyware, as well as prevent any other undesirable elements from entering your system.The interface in Advanced SystemCare can be a bit confusing at first. Instead of having a standard toolbar or menu system, the program shows a sphere structure on the left side pane that gives you access lớn the four main sections: trang chủ, which is a summary of the program’s usage stats; Maintain Windows và Diagnose System, which contain Advanced SystemCare’s main tools to lớn scan, repair & optimize the computer; and finally Utilities, a paông chồng of small system tools that let you perkhung small fixing tasks, lượt thích defragging the hard drive sầu, backing up drivers, finding duplicate files or finding out which programs are set up lớn run with Windows.Advanced SystemCare is surprisingly quick. It hardly takes a few minutes khổng lồ scan and fix your system, though it may take a bit longer when defragmenting the disk. In any case, Advanced SystemCare always creates a backup copy before fixing anything (as well as a restoration point the very first time you launch it) just lớn be on the safe side.

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Recent Changes:

Added initial support for Windows 8Added support for Firefox 8.0 Beta1, Chrome 15.0 Beta, 16.0 Beta, KMPlayer 3.0, etc.Improved modules for “Privacy Sweep”, “Junk Files Clean” và “Deep Registry Fix”Improved tools in “ToolBox”Updated “IObit Uninstaller 2.0″Fixed general bugs
Download và install the programDownload craông chồng & copy OFCommon.dll to installed directoryAdd the lines given in readme.txt to lớn hosts fileDisable internet conection!xuất hiện program, cliông xã lớn Activate and copy keyDone Enjoy

76579-1E116-4F70E-2D2F7717FD-5A398-19E64-F22C62B822-8238F-9828C-27594 -(One year for first 1000 computers)F82F9-A9933-15633-2F994> -(Six months license)07561-D9DF8-69C57-29294 -(One year license)3AB4A-7A3C6-B4845-9BFB4 -(Six months license)6F1AA-99D96-B9E1F-6FA94 -(Six months license)

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