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The motivation was to create a $70 billion behemoth out of two embattled phone-equipment companies, so together they could survive sầu .
Rather, these two literary behemoths hold " " opposed concepts of a new syntax và a new vocabulary " " forged in the search for a comtháng literary goal (242).
The behemoth took a gulp, swallowed this vast dollop of cash, the inequalities continued and the great giant came up for more.
There is increasing inechất lượng between the coastal and inlvà provinces; the behemoths of central planning are still in place, requiring khổng lồ be dismantled.
We are therefore debating an economic, historical, cultural và commercial behemoth which today appears lớn be awakening from a long slumber.
Our truyền thông industry now earns more for us than the lumbering behemoths of nationalised industries ever did.
This extension will only profit the monopoly behemoths, the multinational companies in the music, show & entertainment industry which will continue to grow rich from the creations of others.
They need khổng lồ be examined properly and made accountable lớn the men and women whose earnings have contributed lớn the creation of those new financial behemoths.
In its day, terms like leviathan and behemoth were commonly used lớn describe the 7-ton oto, over twice the weight of its competitors.
In 2006 the school had a huge reconstruction that turned it into lớn the glass behemoth that is it today.
Although small & more agile, the wolf-dog was unable khổng lồ avoid the behemoth; becoming trapped & nearly crushed beneath its paw.
He is one of very few photographers who appreciated the aesthetics of all locomotives, from steam engines to the latest diesel-powered behemoths.

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War machines of this faction include artillery và chariots, while the faction"s behemoths include dragon riders and mobile fighting towers drawn by oxen.
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