Two rumors are currently floating around about big-name shooters phối to lớn debut this fall. The first has attained more legitimacy, that DICE is planning to lớn set Battlefield 5 baông chồng in World War I. The second, which I’ve seen only bandied about on no-name sites, is that when điện thoại tư vấn of Duty returns this fall, it will be Infinity Ward making Ghosts 2.

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The second rumor comes from a grab from UK magazine Games TM, which shows a tiny blurb about gọi of Duty: Ghosts 2 in an upcoming issue. The problem? It"s using an imagestraight out of the original Ghosts, và is in the magazine"s "Most Wanted" section. Oops.

So while this "leak" isn"t true, it is too soon lớn rule out the idea that Activision & Infinity Ward will indeed announce gọi of Duty: Ghosts 2. On the surface, it’s logical, given the appearance of the original Ghosts as the first next-gene COD title two and a half years ago. Since Hotline of Duty has sequelized almost all of its sub-series so far, Ghosts 2 seems inevitable.

But it shouldn’t be, and Ghosts 2 is not the direction the series needs khổng lồ go this fall. Or really, ever again.

I’ll start with the obvious. The original hotline of Duty: Ghosts is not exactly a beloved game in the series. Made by Infinity Ward, now lacking its founders who made the Modern Warfare games, it was generic, & multiplayer upset both casual & pro players alượt thích. It also marked the first severe decline in sales for the series in years, và though it wasn’t the lowest point (that would be Advanced Warfare a year later), it was nothing to be celebrated.

The real problem, however, is that gọi of Duty games are starting blur together more than ever into lớn one big blob of “near future shooters.” While Blachồng Ops started baông chồng in Vietnam giới, và Modern Warfare was in some vague approximation of present day, the series has now split into lớn three between Ghosts, Blachồng Ops & Advanced Warfare, and now all are near-future shooters full of robots and drones và elaborate holographic HUDs & everything else that comes with that kind of tech.

It’s too much. If the series wants lớn stay fresh, there needs khổng lồ be some diversity between its games, and Ghosts is the most likely candidate to lớn get cut, because of how forgettable it is as a brvà, và how much the original was disliked. No offense to Infinity Ward, but that’s simply how it is.

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The other rumor about this year’s hotline of Duty, one based seemingly in nothing but súc tích, is that the series will return khổng lồ World War II with Infinity Ward’s new installment. This makes much more sense, and is a far better idea. And that was even before this rumor that Battlefield is making a World War I game. What do you think is going to lớn be more eye-catching this fall, hotline of Duty: Ghosts 2, or a WWI Battlefield? I still doubt Battlefield would have sầu a prayer of outselling COD, but I just don’t see that much excitement around a Ghosts 2 launch, compared to where things would be if COD was heading baông xã to lớn WWII after nearly a decade away from it.

Ghosts 2 would have to bởi vì something dramatic lớn st& out from the other series, & I"m not sure what that would be at this point. A chiến dịch and multiplayer based on an alien invasion, taking a page from their co-op mode? That sounds extreme, but it would almost have to be for Ghosts to lớn remain relevant as a br&, as Advanced Warfare and Blaông chồng Ops have been received so much better.

An alternate theory is that it might be Treyarch or Sledgehammer that heads bachồng lớn World War II, và we really vị get Ghosts 2 from Infinity Ward this year. Sledgehammer did produce a poor-selling (by Điện thoại tư vấn of Duty standards) near future shooter, và maybe Activision doesn’t believe sầu in the Advanced Warfare brand. And though Black Ops 3 has done very well, perhaps Treyarch will move sầu on now that the “trilogy” is possibly complete, và head baông chồng lớn WWII, a setting they’ve sầu visited before.

I still don’t think any of these are better ideas that Infinity Ward doing WWII this year instead of a Ghosts sequel. Nor bởi I think Ghosts 2, Advanced Warfare 2 and Blachồng Ops 4 is a great line-up for the next few years. If Call of Duty wants lớn retain its crown year after year, it’s going lớn have sầu khổng lồ start thinking outside the box. To me, that seems lượt thích an inevitable return to WWII (debatable how outside the box that is, but whatever), but I also have sầu a vision for something grvà & crazy lượt thích “World of Black Ops” an open world shooter that sets The Division in its sights, but that’s an idea for another day.

Just no Ghosts 2, please.

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