The Cantilever House in Little Rochồng, Arkansas. Via of Dezeen.

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Even if you don’t know what a cantilever actually is, you’ve sầu almost definitely seen one. The floating building down the street has one, as does the thành phố hallwith that can’t-miss-overhang.

Cantilevers are used lớn tư vấn ‘free’ structures on buildings, lượt thích a deông xã or wing that protrudes out from the rest of a building. On one kết thúc, the cantilever is attached lớn a vertical element, like an existing structure or natural feature (like a roông xã face), while on the other end the cantilever seems khổng lồ float.

Cantilevers have been around for a while– they’ve been used in engineering for things lượt thích bridges & radio towers for quite some time. However, by the time the early twentieth century rolled around, some architects began incorporating them inkhổng lồ buildings, lượt thích Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.

Scotland’s Forth Rail Bridge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cantilever bridge was built in 1889, & was the longest cantilever bridge in the world at the time of construction. Courtesy of the Scottish Government.

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Mid Century Modern thiết kế only accelerated this trkết thúc, as it made structures look more futuristic, giving them the perfect Space Age twist. Architects like Joseph Eichler & Albert Frey used them in their own designs, và others followed.

Today, cantilevers are still incredibly popular— using them allows architects & engineers to push the limit of what is truly possible. Cantilevers create dynamic và exciting structures, & they don’t show any signs of going anywhere.

Chechồng out six of our favorite cantilevered buildings below. Some are old, some are new, but all of them look pretty astonishing.

Built by a group of students from the University of Arkansas, the trang chủ was designed to be an affordable prefab structure. It was constructed in two different modules và combined onsite. By cantilevering the upper module, additional outdoor space is created, adding to lớn the total living space of the home. Courtesy of Dezeen.

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