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a game by Raizing Co., Ltd.
Genre: Action
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 8.8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 7.5/10 - 40 votes
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If gaming in the nineties is synonymous with one thing, it is arguably couch co-op gaming. This era was the pinnacle for this phenomenon with racing games, sports games and fighting games all offering a compelling way to pummel your pals. The most competitive sầu market of those mentioned was easily fighting games, with tonnes of fighters vying to lớn be the household names on everyone’s lips và fresh off the baông chồng of a successful first outing, Bloody Roar 2 stepped up to lớn plate hoping to cement this series as fighting game royalty.

This game plays lượt thích it’s predecessor Bloody Roar. However, looking outside the series, this game also plays like Tekken, Street Fighter, Soulblade, Mortal Kombat và Dead or Alive sầu. This game aimed khổng lồ offer a quality take on the fighting game genre by using beasts instead of human combatants. However, would this gimmichồng prove sầu successful a second time? Or would this animal-based fighter fizzle out? We find out in our đánh giá of Bloody Roar 2.

A Thunderous Roar

What Bloody Roar 2 does brilliantly on its return is keeping the same great gameplay that we had from the first game in the series, yet elevating ever slightly. The player still has access to a wide variety of brutally beastly characters to lớn fight with & against. There is still the usual suspects in terms of game modes such as story và arcade mode & the visuals keep the same look và feel of the original, while adding a new layer of polish lớn the overall presentation. However, its the small tweaks that make this one worthwhile as a sequel.

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First, the story is a great continuation of the original, with the rogue group of Tylon Zylonthorpes fighting for the dignity of their race. Fighting games aren’t often remembered for their narrative và rightly so. But if they can offer some captivating exposition, it really ties everything together & motivates the player lớn fight. So this is a welcome bonus and one that elevates the series.

Then when it comes to lớn the new game modes, the game does a great job at giving the player everything they could ever want. You have the new survival mode where you have to lớn beat every character with just one health bar. The watch mode that allows you to lớn take in AI fighters và learn new moves và weaknesses. Plus, you have the custom mode which is lượt thích playing the game with cheat codes such as god mode, big head mode & all the classic settings. It’s a lot of fun & a great addition khổng lồ the game.

The Art of War

The fighting system is also a joy to lớn behold in this title as well. This series has always prided itself on offering a hybrid of all the fighters of the era và the second iteration does this successfully as well. The variety of special moves và combos are great, the weight of the characters feel right & three perspective sầu finishers are great too, even if they are nabbed from Sega’s Virtua Fighter.

The Verdict

Overall, Bloody Roar 2 takes the formula from the first successful outing and experiments again lớn offer an even more impressive sầu final sản phẩm. The additional game modes are a triumph, the gameplay & visuals are a step up from the previous game và story is a real highlight somewhat surprisingly for a fighter.

The only thing that drags this game down is it’s need to recycle ideas from it’s competitors plus the limited number of characters on the roster. Despite this though, this is an iconic fighter that any fighting game purist should witness first h&.


A wonderful fighting engineStunning visuals for the timeBrilliant additional game modesA compelling narrative