Installation and download game: fate of the dragon

PublishersEidos Interactive
DevelopersOvermax Studquả táo, Object Software Limited
Release date2001
trò chơi rating
4.7/539 ratings

trò chơi Description

Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon (or simply Fate of the Dragon for short in the U.S. version) is a video game developed by Overmax Studtiện ích ios in 2001 for the PC. It is based on the historical background of the epic Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

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We might have the game available for more than one platkhung. Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2001)

Three_Kingdoms_Fate_of_the_Dragon_Win_Files_EN.7z (54.9MB)

Three_Kingdoms_Fate_of_the_Dragon_Win_Setup_EN.7z (447MB)

How to play on Windows:

Download Three_Kingdoms_Fate_of_the_Dragon_Win_Files_EN.7z and extract the “Three_Kingdoms_Fate_of_the_Dragon_Win_Files_EN” folder to lớn your desktop.mở cửa the extracted folder and then open the “trò chơi Files” folder.Run “SetupReg.exe”Once registry has been updated, run “sanguo.exe”. Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon should now launch.

Additional files, patches và fixes

Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon Windows Manual (English)

Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon Windows ReadMe (English)

Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon Windows NO-CD Crack

Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon Screenshots


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