Whether you sell products online or through briông chồng và mortar retail stores, this update is awesome news for you.

Why? Amazon and other marketplaces require you khổng lồ buy hàng hóa barcodes from GS1 in order to lớn sell on their platforms. So any change that makes those barcodes more attainable is welcomed!

GS1, the worldwide barcode authority, reached out lớn us at Just One Dime because we created the most comprehensive sầu UPC barcode tutorial to date.

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Their news: They created a new offering that can save sầu small business owners & Amazon sellers a ton of money on GS1 barcodes.

Today, I will answer the 9 most important questions about the changes at GS1 và show you exactly how lớn get your own UPC code for only $30.

Why is this new GS1 barcode policy important?

GS1, a non-profit organization, is the recognized authority on International Standard barcodes.

When you create a new product listing, Amazon & other platforms require you lớn buy a globally recognized barcode from GS1. And this was a pain point for small time sellers.

The problem: when you paid for new barcodes at GS1, you had to buy 10 or more at a time & pay lớn renew them every year. You could not buy and own them forever. So when companies lượt thích Amazon automatically kiểm tra GS1’s database to lớn see if the barcode is legitimate, sellers are obligated khổng lồ buy from GS1 despite the cost.

To get around this, some online sellers started khổng lồ buy used GS1 barcodes from other companies. Before GS1 switched to the subscription Model in 2002, you did not have to lớn pay to renew barcodes. All GS1 barcodes made before 2002 still work & vì chưng not have sầu lớn be renewed.

But buying old barcodes wasn’t a great solution either. Since these barcodes had been used, they still had old, not-for-sale products associated with them. One of our Just One Dime Amazon FBA Mastery students bought a used barcode. She sold dildos. But one day out of the xanh, Amazon moved her hàng hóa to the automotive category. Why? Because the barcode had previously been used for an automotive sầu part. She was unable to change her product's barcode with Amazon & was forced start all over và make a new Amazon listing.

Sellers who buy barcodes from companies other than GS1 often over up having lớn spkết thúc more money khổng lồ fix the problems that come with old barcodes than if they had just got their barcode from GS1.

Now that you can once again buy và own single GS1 barcodes, this change can save you a ton of money.

How much money does this change at GS1 save you on barcodes?

Before this change, if you needed a single barcode, the cheapest option was lớn buy a bundle of 10 barcodes. This would cost you $250 for the first year. After 365 days, you would have to lớn pay $50 a year every year lớn renew & keep your barcodes.

Now, you can buy a $30 barcode with no renewal fee.

This means you can save $2đôi mươi in the first year alone before renewal fees!

That is money you can further invest into lớn your business.



What kind of barcodes vì you need from GS1 lớn sell on Amazon?

You need Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) from GS1. GTINs are hàng hóa identification numbers—up to 14 digits—encoded inlớn barcodes. There are many types of GTINs including Universal Product Codes (UPCs), European Article Numbers (EANs), International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs), và more.

These hàng hóa identifiers are ubiquitous. Whenever you checkout products at a retail store, 99% of the time, the barcode is an encoded GTIN.

The most common type of GTIN in the United States và Canada is the 12 digit UPC-A. The rest of the world uses a 13 digit GTIN called an EAN-13.

When you go to lớn create your Amazon listing, Amazon will ask for the hàng hóa identifier. You will have sầu the option lớn select "GTIN", "UPC", "EAN", & more. Once you select the type of hàng hóa identifier, you will type in the digits of your barcode. If you select UPC, you will enter 12 digits. If you select EAN, you will enter 13 digits. If you select GTIN, you will enter 14 digits.

Some companies use in-network barcodes that are created internally & are not from GS1. Most companies that bởi this will usually use both GS1 barcodes & their in-network barcodes.

For example, Amazon uses their own barcodes lớn traông xã products stored in their fulfillment centers called Fulfillment Stochồng Keeping Units (FNSKUs). You need an FNSKU barcode if you opt for Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service. These barcodes need to lớn be affixed to your sản phẩm if you sell FBA.

If you decide you want Amazon to fulfill orders for you, then you need both a GTIN/UPC and an FNSKU.

You generally need a GTIN/UPC to sell on Amazon whether you want Amazon lớn fulfill orders for you or not. These barcodes typically only go on your sản phẩm when you sell in a brichồng and mortar store.

You get FNSKUs from Amazon. You get GTINs from GS1.

The changes at GS1 are specific to lớn the US branch. So, these GTINs will be UPCs


Barcodes Products Must Have

When do you need to lớn get multiple GTIN barcodes?

You need one GTIN barcode for every product và hàng hóa variation.

It counts as a variation if your product:

Comes in different colorsComes in different sizesComes in different flavorsIs sold in different quantitiesIs sold in a different way or in any other form

For example, if you sell one backpaông xã in blaông chồng và another in blue, then you sell two varieties và need two GTINs. If you sell a blaông chồng backpaông xã and a xanh backpachồng, & they each come in two different sizes (small & large), then you sell four varieties of backpacks—large blaông chồng, small blaông chồng, large blue, and small xanh.

Additionally, if you sell backpacks one at a time and also in a bundle of two, then that creates another degree of variety. Therefore, you would need eight GTINs.

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You Need a GTIN/UPC Barcode for Every Product Variation

Use GS1’s barcode estimator lớn determine exactly how many barcodes you need.

Should you choose lớn buy a single UPC barcode or a bundle of 10 or more?

You will save money if you have eight or fewer product varieties when you buy one-time cost $30 UPCs instead of bundles.

If you don’t see yourself selling more than eight products & sản phẩm varieties, then opt for $30 single UPCs.

If you sell more than eight product variations, consider purchasing a prefix bundle.

The “prefix” is a phối of numbers that appear on all of your barcodes. This prefix will be unique to lớn you. The numbers that follow the prefix are quality lớn each GTIN code.

However, you have to renew your barcodes when you purchase a prefix bundle. So, if you only need nine barcodes, is it worth it to get a bundle of 10 prefixes that you have khổng lồ renew versus nine $30 single barcodes that you don’t have khổng lồ renew? Only you can make that determination. But you may want to consider buying a mix of prefixes if you:

Plan on expanding your hàng hóa linePlan to lớn sell in retail storesSell products that require additional identifiers such as batch numbers và expiration datesWant to lớn sell on multiple trading platforms

How bởi you get your single UPC barcode from GS1?

Go lớn Be aware that GS1 refers khổng lồ the UPC-12 barcode you are buying as a GTIN or “US GTIN” most of the time.


Need a Few Barcodes?

Enter your br& name. Your brand name is what your customers see—which is different from your company’s legal identity. Your brand name does not have to lớn bear any resemblance lớn your company name.

For example, your company’s legal name could be “Cat Backpacks Unlimited LLC”, và your br& name could be “Tigeona.”

If you have not decided on your br& name yet, clichồng here và come baông chồng once you have sầu your br& name.


Enter your hàng hóa description. According lớn GS1, your hàng hóa description should contain your:

Br& nameType of productProduct variationNet contents
GS1 Barcode Product Description

If you have no alternate variations of your hàng hóa, describe your hàng hóa as you would if you did have variations. For example, let’s say you sold a cat backpaông xã carrier, but you don’t sell them in different colors, with additional features, or sizes. You could write, “Tigeona, cat backpachồng carrier, white, non-expandable, 60 cm tall."

Continue as New

Under Company name, type in your company name if you have sầu registered your business as a corporation, partnership, or LLC. If you have not registered a company name with the government and tệp tin your business income taxes as your personal income taxes, then you are a sole proprietor. This is the mặc định business type when you sell products online.

If you are a sole proprietor, enter your brvà name—also known as a “doing business as” name or “DBA.” In this case, type the same br& name you entered on the previous webpage.

Type-in Your Company Name

Type in your company phone number. This may be your personal phone number, but I recommkết thúc you get a separate phone number for your business if it’s within your budget.

My Company is Tax Exempt? No

Enter your company address. I recommover you mix up a PO box. Amazon makes seller addresses publically available in order to lớn discourage counterfeiters. You can keep your personal address private by setting your company address as the full street address version of your PO box address. You can learn how lớn vày this here.

Submit Order

Congratulations! You have sầu purchased your $30 GTIN/UPC. Your GTIN/UPC info will appear in your website browser.

What happens after you buy your UPC from GS1?

You will receive a series of three emails.

Order Summary Email

This is your receipt.

Welcome Email

This tin nhắn will include the twelve digits of your UPC barcode. This is what you need khổng lồ enter into your Product ID box when you danh mục your hàng hóa on Amazon.

On Amazon, type in these twelve sầu digits when you select “UPC” as your sản phẩm ID type.

If you select “GTIN” instead of "UPC", Amazon will ask for fourteen digits instead of twelve sầu. If you choose khổng lồ bởi this, first type two zeros followed by your twelve digit number.

Amazon Product ID

This gmail will also direct you lớn the GS1 portal to lớn tải về your GTIN certificate.

You only need your GTIN certificate if you plan on listing your sản phẩm within the next three days.

It takes three days for newly registered GS1 GTINs khổng lồ get validated in Amazon’s system. So, if you plan on listing your product in more than three days, you vày not need your certificate.

GS1 Customer Portal Email

This third email will ask you khổng lồ register for a không lấy phí account in the GS1 customer portal.

How bởi vì you get an image of your barcode?

Your GTIN, UPC-12 barcode generally does not need to lớn be on your retail packaging unless you sell your sản phẩm in briông chồng & mortar retail stores.

If you are an Amazon seller, only your FNSKU should be on your hàng hóa packaging. In fact, if you sell your product at briông xã và mortar locations in addition to lớn Amazon—and therefore want your UPC barcode printed on the product packaging—cover up the UPC barcode on the products that you sover to lớn Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

The easiest & fasdemo way lớn get a printable image of your GTIN/UPC barcode is to lớn use a không tính phí online barcode generator such as scandit. When you type in your twelve digit UPC-A, enter two zeroes before your code.