Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 13 Fame And Strategy Expansion Review

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 followed in the footsteps of Koei Tecmo"s other franchises & has received a massive update DLC that reworks nearly every aspect of the game. When it comes khổng lồ their strategy games lượt thích Romance of the Three Kingdoms or Nobunaga"s Ambition, these expansions are usually called the “Power-up Kit” or PUK. However, this time around the expansion"s western release has been titled the “Fame and Strategy Expansion”.

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For anyone who may be unfamiliar with the series, Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a historical strategy syên based on the Three Kingdoms era of ancient Trung Quốc. In Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13, you play as an officer & try to bởi your part to conquer China & bring an kết thúc lớn the age of chaos. You have the ability khổng lồ play as either a custom officer or one of the famous officers of the time. Depending on who you choose, your place in society may be different. IF you follow what I did then you"ll most likely kết thúc up making an entirely new character to lớn experience the game with. (Which I recommover doing because I lượt thích khổng lồ self-insert, lượt thích a loser)

As you start up the game, you will no doubt notice the edit options. I recommend checking these out before you dive sầu inlớn the game any deeper. With the release of the fame và strategy expansion, there is now an event creator, which allows the player khổng lồ create & edit events lớn transform the world of ROTK to fit their vision. For example, one of the many new characters in the game is Dong Bai, the daughter of the despicable tyrant, Dong Zhou. Well, I found her to lớn absolutely adorable & was not looking forward lớn seeing her killed along with the rest of her family in 192 (Spoiler alert), so instead I created an sự kiện that allowed me khổng lồ recruit her instead of letting her die. Crafting your own events is actually a lot of fun, especially if you giới thiệu the events with your friends at the over of the day.


Along with the addition of an event editor, you can also create strategies, items, và of course, characters. Each of these options allows the player a ridiculously massive sầu amount of freedom, and while not available on console, you can even upload custom images on PC for your characters. You can even edit historical characters, but to lớn a lesser degree.

When you actually get to the gameplay, Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 is split inkhổng lồ two sections, Hero & Main. Hero is pretty much a more in-depth tutorial mode that exists khổng lồ teach the player about the features of the game. I can not căng thẳng enough how helpful it is khổng lồ go through this mode first before you move sầu onto lớn main. This is not just because it is a tutorial, but also because it is an easy way lớn learn about some of most important characters và events.

Once you"re finished with Hero mode and move sầu onto lớn the main mode, you"ll be able lớn choose from several different scenarios. You can add in your original characters and even create your own military force. As I said earlier, depending on who you choose will determine your position at the beginning of the scenario. Within Main alone, you will have several dozen hours of gameplay khổng lồ experience, & this is also where you will obviously experience most of the changes that the expansion has lớn offer. The is because the expansion does not just add new features, but also completely reworks nearly every part of the gameplay as well.

After you are employed inlớn a faction, you will be given an objective sầu lớn accomplish from your ruler. While there are a handful of categories lớn choose from, the primary two that you will mostly be using are Domestic, which is split inkhổng lồ culture, farming, và commerce, which all increase the prosperity of the thành phố. The other category is Military, which is split inlớn training, patrol, và deploy. Training và deploy are both self-evident, so I will just skip to patrol. Patrol is used to lớn raise the fealty or population of your thành phố. So you"ll select patrol và before you will begin, you will see several options to lớn choose from & even the ability to ask an officer to come và aid you. Once you finish your patrol, you will have the option to lớn face off against some bandits in the reworked duel system.

Upon completing your objective you will gain fame và honor which are used to lớn influence other officers around you. With the new expansion, Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 has introduced a prestige system. There are several different prestige categories for you lớn choose from & each has multiple levels khổng lồ unloông chồng as you accomplish the required objectives. As you màn chơi up your prestige and equip new titles, you will also unloông chồng new abilities và stat boosts. The best thing is that there is a prestige for any playstyle or occasion, so rewarding lớn experiment.

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This is more or less the extent of the gameplay outside of combat. You must work khổng lồ build up cities, regions, và if you can make it, an entire empire. You can build friendships và relationships with your favorite historical officers. Which leads me lớn the obvious point that I should just make in case it is not evident by now, this is a game for Three Kingdoms fans. If you are not a tín đồ of the Three Kingdoms or Dynasty Warriors, there is not much for you here.

The last piece of the game lớn talk about is combat. Battles can be fought in two ways, you can allow battles to lớn resolve themselves on the over-world bản đồ automatically, or you can take part in the battles yourself. Usually, I would allow battles lớn resolve sầu themselves if my forces vastly outnumbered my enemies. However, if our troop numbers were even remotely comparable, I would take charge of the battles & fight them manually.

If a battle is about khổng lồ begin, the fight will now start with a war council, where the war leader will select an officer to devise a tactic for the upcoming fight. Battles now take place on larger maps compared khổng lồ the somewhat cramped maps of the vanilla game. The strategy you devise in the war council will determine what combat bonuses will appear on the bản đồ as well. As you take control of these points, you will gain the bonuses they provide as long as you stay within the AoE aura. Combat will over when all troops of one side are defeated or if one of the main camps fall. Also, if your personal unit is defeated in battle, you will be removed from the fighting and it will resolve itself automatically.

There is one final thing I have sầu been waiting to mention that was adding in with the expansion and that is the fact that troop morale will now decrease as they march & you will need khổng lồ replenish it at your cities or garrisons. While I totally understvà why this was added, I hate it. Not only bởi vì I hate it, I think it is the worst part of the game now. When it is already going khổng lồ take me 6 months to lớn march my troops inkhổng lồ battle, I am not looking forward to lớn having lớn stop và rest a đô thị that is still one month"s time away just to ensure that my troops are not decimated. But that negative pales in comparison khổng lồ the additions that I actually enjoyed.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 Fame and Strategy Expansion was reviewed on PlayStation 4 và PC via Steam with codes provided by the publisher.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 is a well-polished strategy game for fans of Chinese history or even just Dynasty Warriors. The combat is fun, ranking up is fulfilling, & learning about the Three Kingdoms is a great bonus.