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We are proud khổng lồ finally roll out our new trang web. Please bookmark us và thanks for all the support over the years. We will continue to bởi vì our best to lớn offer arguably the best CƠM TẤM (Vietnamese broken rice) in town!!!


Light Dishes / House Special

Chả giò is a popular dish in Vietnamese cuisine & usually served as an appetizer in Europe and North America, where there are large Vietnamese communities. It is ground meat, usually pork, wrapped in rice paper & deep-fried.

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Rice Noodle Soup / Rice Stick

Phngơi nghỉ or pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of broth, linguine-shaped rice noodles called bánh phnghỉ ngơi, a few herbs, and meat. It is primarily served with either beef or chicken. Pho is a popular street food in Vietphái nam and the specialty of a number of restaurant chains around the world. Southern Vietnamese eat it for breakfast và occasionally lunch, whereas northerners eat it at any time of day.

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Broken Rice Platter / Thin Rice Flat Noodle

Cơm tnóng, or broken rice, is a Vietnamese dish made from rice with fractured rice grains. Tấm refers lớn the broken rice grains, while cơm refers lớn cooked rice. Also known as Cơm tấm Sài Thành (Saigon-style broken rice), particularly served in southern Vietphái nam, in Saigon.

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Beverages/Beers và Wines/Desert

Chtrằn is a Vietnamese term that refers lớn any traditional Vietnamese sweet beverage, dessert soup or pudding. Chnai lưng are often prepared with one of a number of varieties of beans, tubers, and/or glutinous rice, cooked in water and sweetened with sugar. In southern Vietphái mạnh, trà are often garnished with coconut creme.

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I love sầu this place, the food is always delicious & comforting, good selection, tons of tables & very spacious for a Vietnamese restaurant, as well as ample parking. Com tam aka broken rice is always a comforting dish to me! I can eat this anytime. I always choose the grilled pork chop or beef, with the egg meat pastry/patty và add a side of Chinese sausages & fried egg. So good ! And affordable. They have sầu tons of options such as their buttered salmon and sea bass, which is so delish! My friends get that one every time. They have sầu Pho, vermicelli dishes, banh hoi, & they even serve sầu dessert for không lấy phí at the kết thúc, which is always nice! A must try is their egg rolls, it"s so good and crispy !!! It"s not the typical wrap you see at other places.

This place is hands down my favorite place to lớn get com tam (broken rice). My favorite is the thit nuong (barbecue meat) bộ combo that comes with shrimp và egg. Every component is tasty và perfect! I have sầu tried a few other places in Orange County, & they just don"t come cthua kém.I just tried their egg rolls for the first time & they"re so crunchy & perfect! They use a unique type of wrapper that"s different from the typical egg roll. I love it!My 5 stars is limited to lớn their com tam, because I haven"t tried anything else on their thực đơn.

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I"m a big tín đồ of this place. It offers a quick dining experience which is useful when you want khổng lồ drop in during your lunch break. They also bởi vì a great job at phone orders as I use lớn gọi in 10 minutes before I arrived khổng lồ pichồng up my foodThe food is above average vietnamese food as well.A couple of my favorites are the vermicelli with stir-fried beef, the vermicelli with barbeque pork, the banh hoi with your choice of meats. The egg roll appetizer is also amazing. Its not your typical flaky chinese egg rolls, but the spring roll wrapped eggroll so its crunchy và chewy. The fish sauce that they have sầu is also spot on with everything you eat.When dining in you get a small bowl of jello at the end of your meal.Service is quiông chồng and gets you in và out in a hurry.

OH MY JESUS! Hands down best com tam place ever!! My son is pretty picky with what he eats, his dad và I are trying lớn make him learn how to lớn appreciate food và try out new things but it"s easier said than done. Until when we introduced our son khổng lồ this place & ended up ordering hlặng #56 he ended up eating everything down lớn the last grain of rice. It is a bit pricey but hey if you want great quality you gotta pay a little bit more which I bởi not mind. Whenever I"m lazy to lớn make food & I ask hyên what does he want for dinner or lunch he always asks for this place. This restaurant also has other varieties besides rice và porkchops. They do serve sầu pho, eggrolls, etc. Definitely will always be a returning costumer.

So this is my first time coming here today. I felt very tired & sleepy because of long hours working last night. So when I left the restaurant, I totally forgot my new Samsung lưu ý 8. As you all know, this phone is expensive buying it brvà new. I barely got it less than 2 weeks. When I realized I forgot it on the table, I was so scared I will never have my phone baông xã, but I called and asked, they said it"s there. I would lượt thích khổng lồ say thank you to all the boys service there being so honest and kind plus having a sense of humor. I told them this phone is all I got right now because I am really broke at the moment. They don"t know how much this means to me to lớn return this phone. And They thought I was joking about me being broke.Anyways, thank you lớn all of you who serviced today, especially the one who found my phone. I know you can easily say no but you said you found it anyways. (Cm n các em tip viên bua ni da tkhô nóng that tra lai cai phone bi mat. Ch trên đây rt là cm kích).The food was really good. Except the portion is smaller compare to Com tam Thun Kiu. (I ordered rice plate). BUT I liked it that they have sầu miễn phí dessert for You. I got Vietnamese jello today. Yum!Thank You again.

When we eat Com Tam in OC, it"s here! We used lớn drive sầu from Corona just to eat at this restaurant. I"m a huge fan of the BBQ pork, shrimp, beef, etc... I usually get the variety combo with broken rice, yum! If you eat in, they give sầu you complementary jello. Me, my wife and her family have been eating here for years, it continues to lớn satisfy for a great price!

This is the only place I will go for Com Tam (Broken Rice Dishes). I believe sầu I"ve been coming here for 15 years & after eating nearly every Vietnamese Com Tam establishments in OC this is it - not need for variety when you can have the best :)I haven"t tried anything on the thực đơn except Com Tam variations and typically order the dishes with everything including Tau Hu Ky, which is shrimp wrapped in the bean curd skin (aesthetics for the most part) - it"s worth the extra so make sure khổng lồ order the complete dish. They specialize in these dishes, so you know it"s fairly perfected. Service is top notch, it"s good & well worth the value (20$-$25 for two generally) & if you"re a bạn of 80s music...this seems khổng lồ be the soundtrachồng of the place :)P..S. added bonus, one of the few old school places that actually accepts credit cards - Bolsa style place that accepts credit card what?! Thumbs up!

Houston, we have sầu a problem.... not enough stomach space for this plate of goodness. This place is one of my favorites khổng lồ get broken rice. It"s kind of in a weird location, but they have the best meat marinade and it sets them apart from the competition. One complaint is that they don"t grill their meat over charcoal or even BBQ style since you don"t have the char, but the marinade makes up for it. The meat is sweet và savory all at the same time. Like all restaurants over time, the amount of the thit nuong seems to get less & less every year. Sigh. The porkchops are not as good, but ok if you are in the mood. The fried stuffed tofu skin is just ok. You can"t have a decent plate of com tam without the bi and the thân phụ and they are both yummy here. A plate comes with house nuoc mam, a veggie soup, and a banana flavored clear jello (very yummy). It"s a safe bet for an enjoyable lunch. Parking is excellent, although parking lot is in desperate need khổng lồ new asphalt và seal coat. Hey, I can"t help it, it"s my job to notice stuff like that.

Although it was my first time trying Com Tam, this restaurant served it up perfectly. I love meals that are filling AND cheap! Under $10 for a plate full of variety--shrimp, chicken, rice, egg quibít, veggies, và more. In my opinion, the chicken option is better than the beef (thinly sliced beef vs juicy, chunky chicken). The dish also came with a small soup appetizer and dessert (which I actually didn"t like because I"m not a fan of Asian jello). I"m Korean by the way. :)The service was so attentive và friendly. So thankful that they spoke English!I"m so glad we found this restaurant after a long xe đạp ride along the Santa Ana River Trail (it"s really cđại bại lớn the Centennial Park entrance). Parking is ample, seating is ample, & yay for TVs if your date is boring LOL. I probably hyped this place up a lot considering it"s a casual Vietnamese restaurant but don"t be shy and just check it out và you won"t be disappointed.

One of my favorite places for Vietnamese broken rice. There is plenty of space for parking and tons of tables inside. Never a wait here during my past 40 visits even if there is a crowd. Cash and credit thẻ are accepted. You can"t go wrong with their full bộ dishes for "com tam", so please try them out. Also, as a tip you can always substitute other items for something you don"t want in your combo. As a bonus you also get jello at the over of your meal! This is a great restaurant for a small group or big group. The price is fair here. It"s about $9 a bộ combo and the portion is huge! ENJOY!