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With two-factor authentication, you’ll need a verification code to lớn sign in with your longky.mobi ID on a new device or browser.

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Whenever yousign in with yourlongky.mobi IDon a new device or browser, you"ll confirm your identity with your password plus a six-digit verification code. There are a fewways you can get a verification code. You can use the code displayed on your trusted device, get a text or phone Gọi, or generate a code from your trusted device.

If you use iOS 11.3 or later on your iPhone, you might not need lớn enter a verification code. In some cases, your trusted phone number can be automatically verified in the background on your iPhone. It’s one less thing lớn vì chưng, and your account is still protected with two-factor authentication.


If you have a trusted device running iOS9 and later, OSXElCapichảy and later, iPadOS 13 & later,or watchOS 6 and later, the verification code is displayed automatically on your trusted devices.

Sign in with your longky.mobi ID và password on a new device or browser.Look for a sign in notification on any of your trusted devices.Tap Allow khổng lồ receiveyourverification code.Enter the verification code on your other device khổng lồ complete sign in.


If you don’t have sầu a trusted device handy, you can have sầu a verification code sent lớn your trusted phone number as a text message or phone điện thoại tư vấn.

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Clichồng Didn"t get a verification code on the sign in screen.Choose to have the code sent lớn your trusted phone number.You"ll get a text message or phone call from longky.mobi with your verification code.Enter the code on your other device tocomplete sign in.

If you can’t receive sầu a verification code on your trusted devices automatically, you can get one from Settings, even if your device is offline.


If your device is online:

Go to lớn Settings > .Tap Password & Security > Get Verification Code.

If your device is offline:

Go khổng lồ Settings > .Tap Password & Security.A message says "Account Details Unavailable."Tap Get Verification Code.
Go to longky.mobi menu > System Preferences, then cliông xã longky.mobi ID.Click Password & Security > Get Verification Code.

If you can’t sign in, reset your password, or receive sầu verification codes, you canrequest account recovery to lớn regain access to lớn your account. Account recovery might take a few days or longer, depending on the specific tài khoản information you can provide khổng lồ verify your identity.